Very Satisfied Seller Client

“Bryan went above and beyond to sell our property. He is very knowledgable about all aspects of the rural, ranch settings. Ours was small and came with some challenges. It had been in the family for nearly a century and everything was built by my grandpa and dad The pastures and grazing lands were well taken care of by wonderful leasees after grandpa no longer ran cattle or did his own farming, Bryan saw the value of that. He put everything into researching the wells as one was the original well dug in the 1920’s the other in 1991. He knew who to call and even they were efficient and seemed to be there within a day or to for whatever needed done. He had the knowledge to value the property at a fair and reasonable price. I feel it could’ve taken a long time to sell but Bryan stayed on top of it and here we are 6 months out with the first deal falling through on closing day in September with a new, better offer two weeks later done! I live 300 miles from the ranch, I took many trips back and forth getting it ready but could’ve had to make many more but Bryan was always available and would go the 60+ miles to take care of the little things that would come up. I know Bryan’s family had a family ranch and he understood the “heart things” involved in the process and respected this and didn’t treat the sell as just a business deal. I was in contact with Bryan constantly through the process whether I had a question or he had an update. Even when things were put on hold due to the government shutdown he would call just to say we’re in a holding pattern. On that subject when they opened up for business, possibly temporarily, all parties involve seemed to drop what they were doing and got it back on the rails and we actually closed 2 days early. I think one of the most impressive things was the way Bryan marketed the listing. The pictures taken with the drone were amazing! It gave a completely different perspective on what the property looked like in a way potential buyers could see the big picture. Technology is a wonderful thing and Bryan made use of it to bring out the best in “my little farm”. I wish my dad were here to see those pictures, he would have been in awe. Bryan summed up is awesome, hard working, respectful, honest, friendly and I would recommend him to anyone. He’ll get the job done! Thanks Bryan, I’m going to miss talking to you.”

3369 Reno Creek Road Garryowen, MT